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Key Family Immigration News

Ban Lifted & End of Public Charge
April 2021

The ban on the issuance of Green Cards for most applicants going through Consular Processing is lifted. This means that Green Card Interviews are going to be scheduled at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad, although there is obviously still disruptions because of Covid-19.

Also the ‘Public Charge’ rule went back to its original version: Form I-944 no longer needs to be required for applicants going through Adjustment of Status, and applicants going through Consular Processing no longer have to worry about Form DS-5540 or associated questions at the Interview

Visa Bulletin Predictions
April 2021

Immigration Planner is updating its prediction model for the Final Action Dates of the Visa Bulletin, in order to take into account the end of the Green Card ban as well as the backlog of applications that has been created during the ban. Check back later in April for that Update.
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Processing Times

They are no perfect but they still represent the best information available to predict how long various steps of the Green Card process will take.

Immigration Planner gathers the latest from USCIS every day, and uses it to update your personal timeline.


Key Processing Times - March 2020

I-130F13 yrs 5 mo 4 yrs 5 mo
I-130F2A2 yrs 2 mo 2 yrs 10 mo
I-130F2B4 yrs 8 mo 6 yrs 1 mo
I-130F411 yrs 0 mo 14 yrs 4 mo
I-130IR2 yrs 2 mo 2 yrs 10 mo
I-130IRs10 mo 6 days13 mo 22 days
I-765ALL3 mo3.5 mo
I-485ALL10 mo 14 days2 yrs 1 mo
DS-260ALL102 daysN.A.

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What does the latest Visa Bulletin means for your Green Card timeline? Our Visa Bulletin predictions help you determine when your Priority Date is likely to become ‘current’, influencing key events such as Welcome Letter or Interview, as well as CSPA calculations.

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I have been following the trend about final action date of visa bulletin as predicted by immigration Planner and behold. The prediction has been very accurate so far. I don’t have cause to doubt it’s subsequent prediction that span through year 2021.

Many thanks. I wish all applicants and petitioners worldwide know about you. You are too good.

Adesina S.

I needed help navigating the system. They were able to provide prompt and accurate information. They were very informed, and were able to guide me with the assistance I needed. Thank you!

Ashley N.

Mi esposo y yo habíamos decidido no solicitar los servicios de un abogado porque era realmente costoso, sin embargo, completar todos los formularios para mi proceso de Ajuste de Estatus estaba siendo realmente un dolor de cabeza. No sabíamos bien a bien por dónde comenzar, estábamos llenos de dudas y ansiosos. Afortunadamente, encontramos a Immigration Planner que fueron muy amables y eficientes. Llenar en línea los formularios fue bastante sencillo e intuitivo. Además, ellos siempre estuvieron pendientes de cualquier duda para resolverla a la brevedad posible y de manera eficaz. No tengo duda alguna para recomendarlos, ya que hacen que te sientas seguro y respaldado por alguien que tiene amplio conocimiento de lo que está haciendo.

Any Rodriguez
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